Not Feeling It

I didn't sleep very comfortably last night , waking in the early morning hours with a stiffness felt throughout my body .  I felt cold and shivering , burrowing  deeper under the covers . I didn't want to get up . 

Having been wrecked with worry all week , the last thing I wanted to do is leave the safe haven of my home and face the world . No , not the world , but the the people in the world . 

People can ruin everything . just look at the people of Moses . . . never satisfied . Not to mention  , I just wasn't in the mood . 

But . . .  it's Sunday . No matter how I feel or how I look , I go to Church . With Baptism comes spiritual responsibility to myself , my family and to God . 

I got up , threw something on and went to Church  . Feeling " not in it " is when I need Him more than ever . 

There is a God 
       who loves me
            He wraps me
                in His arms .

Where else can I go for comfort ? Who else will wipe away my tears ? Who will take my hand and walk with me ? 

All because He loves me .

My worries are still there , they haven't mysteriously evaporated into thin air , because I went to church . So why Go ? Pure emotional and spiritual comfort . Only He can provide that . 

Be still and know I am God . 

So I'm still , because I know He is my God . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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