Cancer And Nausea

                                                              Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                              everyday is a journey.

O love that passeth knowledge, thee I need;
Pour in the heavenly sunshine; fill my heart;
Scatter the cloud, the doubting, and the dread,--
The joy unspeakable to me impart.

When I look back on the almost twelve years with cancer, I wish I knew then what I know now. I was a complete greenhorn in that regard and I trusted everything everyone said to me about it. I believed all doctors were good doctors and all hospitals were good hospitals. It was all new to me. 

I didn't know anything about cancer let alone what to do to combat the massive side effects of treatment. One of the most unpleasant and difficult to overcome for me was nausea. I never felt such nausea before in my life even when I was pregnant with my children. 

The oncologist, at that time, gave me two prescriptions of nausea fighting medication that I alternated in use. None of them did anything to ease the discomfort of nausea. That was back in 2007. 

When 2011 came and the cancer grew back, I had a new insurance (United Healthcare). One of the perks with this insurance was a call from a nurse that worked for them. She would inquire about my treatment, any side effects and overall well being. She sent me this cookbook for cancer patients. I flipped through it, realizing I've never really seen one like it before. In the contents, were listed side effects instead of recipes. That's how the chapters were, side effects first and the recipes to prepare to combat it.

I've discovered that water was listed for every side effect in that cookbook. Water. . . that's when my love affair with water began. From that point on, my huge jug of water never left my side. So now, whenever I am back in treatment, I take along my jug and make sure I drink plenty of water to help ease the discomfort of nausea. I, also keep plenty of saltine crackers and ginger tea. On the day of my treatment, I also make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. These are my go to's for nausea during treatment. The water also helps in flushing out the toxins from my body. I still have that cookbook. You never know when it might come in handy!

Have  a blessed day everyone. 


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