The Last Few Days

                                                           Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Father, let our faithful mind
  Rest, on Thee alone inclined;
  Every anxious thought repress,
  Keep our souls in perfect peace.

I had such big plans for the past weekend. In fact, it seems that every weekend is a time I look forward to with a list mile long. It doesn't always work out the way I want it to, but at least, I do get some rest before starting the next work week. 

Not this weekend. It started out well with my usual trip to the Farmers Market. Emily has been working the morning shift, so we were looking forward to a nice Supper in the evening with our usual movie afterwards. I've been craving a chicken noodle soup all week and bought all fresh ingredients for it. I was really looking forward to it, even buying freshly baked rolls to go with it. 

The soup came out a little over seasoned on the salty side. I added more water to mine, but I didn't finish it. Now, I'm not sure if it was the soup or perhaps I already had a bug in me, but my tummy expanded as if I was pregnant nine months. I ended up being sick for the remainder of the weekend. I was nauseous, had a fever and was throwing up all night. Finally, Emily made me some singer tea, I threw up for the last time and fell asleep for the rest of the morning. 

I'm feeling a little better, well enough to go into work, but still a bit queasy. I think I had a bug, because Emily was not sick at all, just me. It just shows you how quickly one's day or weekend can change in a flicker. Stay well everyone and rest when needed.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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