A Walking Tour

                                                                          Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                          everyday is a journey.

When we in darkness walk,
    Nor feel the heavenly flame,
  Then is the time to trust our God,
    And rest upon His name.

Not too long ago,.I've looked up what kind of tourism the Land of Lincoln has available. Emily and I Have had such conflicting work schedules that it seems almost impossible to get some time off at the same time. Or at least, only a day or two, but hardly a week or more. Certainly, not enough for a proper vacation.

Having said that, I knew that there had to be weekend getaways or even landmarks in my state to visit for a day. A nice day trip away from home is sometimes all we need to refresh ourselves. So I got to clicking away on-line searching for such trips of tourism. What exactly does Illinois have to offer? 

Mind you, I have visited downtown area several times, especially with Joey. When he was still living here, he loved downtown! The same goes with Springfield area, so I was searching in the opposite directions. 

Eureka! Who knew that the movie Groundhog Day was filmed right here in Woodstock, Illinois? I mean, just look at the chart of the Walking Tour available in that small town. We made the decision to travel there on the next available day off for a mini adventure. It wasn't far, only an hour away. Perfect. 

It was a beautiful Saturday when we headed out to Woodstock, Illinois. Our plans included the Walking Tour and then we would have lunch out there. The sky was magnificent with huge billowing white clouds and crystal clear blue background. I even tested out the cabbage theory for swollen joints while driving there and it seemed to be working. My knees were doing just fine. 

My disappointment came when we arrived. The downtown was in the shape of a circle and it was pretty darn small. In the movie, everything appeared large as if it covered several streets. Not true. In fact, the entire tour was in the form of a circle and a very small one. The magic of the cinema world. 

There were absolutely no markers of any kind. Not one thing to refer to what this map I printed out stated and boasted. Maybe, just maybe, during February there is a great celebration and this small town comes to life. Please don't get me wrong, I love small towns, but it wasn't anything that I expected. I wanted a Walking Tour with placards about the movie. Oh well.

The drive back, we couldn't get enough of that sky! I wish we could have pulled over somewhere and laid down on a blanket to view God's beautiful creation. There are no skyscrapers out there or tall buildings. The sky is exposed for all to admire. I love the secluded country towns where open fields still exist. All in all, the time we spent together was wonderful. Emily said that it was an adventure, disappointing or not. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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