Living A Christ-Filled Life

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Be trustful, be steadfast, whatever betide thee,
    Only one thing do thou ask of the Lord,--
  Grace to go forward wherever He guide thee,
    Simply believing the truth of His word.

Living a Christ-filled life is something that almost every Christian out there is trying to achieve.What does that mean to you? The average person goes to work five days a week. Saturday is spent running errands and chores. Sunday morning begins with Church and a family supper in the afternoon. That's the average Christian household. 

What if we focused our daily lives around living a certain way. A way where we are defined by the one that is living inside of us. If you are anything like me, you are searching for a closer, deeper and fulfilling relationship with my Savior. Sunday morning may be the start we need, but I have no desire to leave Jesus inside the Church when I walk through the doors into the world. I came across this the other day and it literally took my breath away.

Empty me of myself
And fill me up 
with all of you.

That's how I see myself living the Christ filled life. We live in a world where every social outlet is drenched in anti-Christian behavior. Negativity, political warfare, nudity, violence and slander are everywhere. Can we honestly turn on a television show that has no swearing or taking God's name in vain? Why should I be exposed to any of it? My time is precious and I wish to spend it in a more productive and family oriented way. 

I find that it's almost impossible to be living the life of Christ without being attacked daily with the World. My life seems to consist of daily turning off the television, the social media, even my yahoo news. The older I get, the more I run toward the Word of God. I immerse myself in Christian radio, movies, songs and everything else that can drench me with all of Him. 

Empty me of myself
And fill me up 

with all of you.

The world is mean and so are the people in it. I have no desire to become either of them. Cleanse me, O Lord, cleanse me.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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