A Happy Friday

Friday is not my favorite day of the week. That may seem odd to many of you since we supposedly wish it was Friday sooner than later. TIGF has never been one of my sayings and I didn't quite understand why it became so popular. 

For as long as I can remember, Friday has been an extremely hectic kind of day. The streets are filled with other cars going somewhere other than just work, creating more traffic than normal. At work, all the orders have to be filled or we will short customers for that week. A sort of frenzy exists at work on Friday. Hurry, hurry, hurry becomes the theme for the day. Mistakes and frustrations occur on this day more than any other. At least for me. 

Not today. Today, there was no pressures of work to be had at all. We were all off. Today, I calmly headed out early to do my errands. Yup, in the midst of all that traffic. In the midst of rain. In the midst of a day called Friday, I headed out the door. 

First stop, the emission test and plate stickers. I think I was there a total of ten to fifteen minutes for both. I spent more time parking the vehicle than in either the office or testing area. I love this new idea of being able to do both at the same place. It might not be new for you, but this wasn't the case two years ago. 

Next stop, Costco and gas. Another twofer. I wish I could say that these two stops were close together, but unfortunately, it was more like across town from one another. All in all, all stops made today were quick, professional and successful. 

Driving back home, I realized what made the difference in my enjoying this particular Friday. There was no work today. It didn't matter if there were road constructions or traffic, I didn't have to rush back to make it to work on time. I had all the time in the world. Even at home, there was laundry, cleaning and bills to sort out. There was no tension or the hurry, hurry theme that exists at my workplace. Everything could be done in leisure. That makes all the difference. 

So yes, my Friday isn't quite over yet, but I know it will end well no matter what is placed in front of me. Calm, peaceful and serene are the themes I'm looking at here. Nothing will take that away from me.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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