A Simple Meal

                                                           Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                             everyday is a journey.

Beloved, let us love so well
Our work shall still be better for our love,
And still our love be sweeter for our work:
And both commended for the sake of each
By all true workers and true lovers born.

The sizzle of onions browning lightly in butter filled the quiet of the kitchen. It was mid-morning on a Sunday and we just finished Church. Cooking Sunday Brunch became the norm as Emily has been working in the afternoons for quite awhile now. Today's meal consisted of sauteed onion and brussel sprouts over white rice.One of our favorites, for sure, but we say that about all our meals, don't we?

Just a simple meal, that's what we regularly eat. Nothing fancy here from a famous chef on a famous cooking show. Majority of my recipes come from country cooks who learned how to cook with what they had in the garden. You ate your vegetables. You ate all your greens. And they enjoyed it. There were no picky eaters or fast food takeouts. 

Remember that one question people like to ask? If you could go back in time knowing what you do now, where would that be? Well, let me tell you. I would like to live like the people before us have done in the country. I want to grow my own food, raise chickens, can my goods and live the simple life eating simple meals. 

Why does it take us almost all of our life to realize that? I think we have to live a little, cry a little all that the world has to offer. Well, majority of it. When we lose some things in life, we truly realize what is important, especially in our hearts. 

So pull up your sleeves, take out your pots/pans and make a simple meal from your childhood. When you're done, invite someone to share it. A simple meal. A simple conversation. A beautiful Sunday.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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