Throwback Thursday

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

  Here we at yet another Throwback Thursday where we take a look at the year 2013 and provide an update on where we are now. 

The chemo I was receiving in 2013 was one of the worst I've ever had. Or I should say, the side effects were the worst. My entire body broke out in these rashes, especially if I used hot water. At first, my oncologist thought they were basic rashes until the halfway point of my treatment where it spread like  wild fire all over my body. 

I had to take cold showers, use no deodorant or any restricting clothes, because of the irritation it would cause on my skin. Throughout the day, I would sprinkle on some corn starch all over my aching body for some relief. When it reached the bottom of my feet, my oncologist took me off and prescribed another type of chemo. 

Besides, I worked during this one, taking off a couple of days for treatment. My boss was a very demanding person who had no compassion for my condition. Yeah, not  a good experience.

Halfway Point

This approaching month will be my halfway point with the current treatment. So where am I at? How do I feel? What are your side effects? How are you? These are the main questions I have been asked.

So where am I? 

People seem to be worried how I'm handling this re-occurrence. They don't want to believe me when I tell them I'm good. They're expecting me to fall apart, especially Linda. When I tell her, she stares at me in disbelief. Why? Because Linda still hasn't accepted her condition. She still is at the angry and the why stage.

If I'm angry, it's not about this. I do hope that my next re-occurrence will be a longer interval in between like a few years. That would be awesome.

How do I feel? 

I never quite know how to answer that one. Should I really be honest and go into a lengthy and descriptive answer? Or should I say what everyone expects to hear like "I'm feeling okay"? I usually opt for the latter and say "it is what it is."

Honestly? By the time the halfway point comes (3 months), I'm fed up with everything. I want it over. Usually by now the side effects are in full force and my endurance is at a low. Yeah, it's getting old at this point.

What are your side effects?

People usually think that all cancer patients react the same way, which is not true. I've had three different types of chemo in the last six years and I've had three different kinds of side effects. My hands are red, dry, cracked and blotchy. I have a rash on my armpits, under my breasts, my thighs and not to mention some other private places. The palms and balls of my feet ache like callouses. My feet hurt.

At my last infusion, I only had the rashes on my thighs and head which my doctor didn't feel it was caused by my chemo, but something I have started using recently. I have used the same products for years. Gave me some pills and a cream. That was then. Now, my other list above has appeared and I'm curious what she will say caused it this time. It's not even a red rash but a darkened color.

How are you?
I'm crappy, that's how I am. I'm itchy and scratchy. My hands hurt. My feet hurt. I'm tired and sleep the whole weekend away. Otherwise, I'm okay. How are you? Plus, I've gained 5 1/2 pounds last month. Who knows how much next? So how am I? I'm ready for it to  be over and I'm crabby.

 I am proud of myself for downloading my first pic \!
Have a Blessed Day everyone, even if I am crabby.


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