Journeying Along

Since I began this journey of mine years back , I never expected to end up where I am. Our life journeys take us to the out of our comfort zone areas where we least expected to be. The whole " never say never " mentality couldn't be more appropriate if we followed a map for our life. 

Take a look at me , for instance. I don't even recognize the old me anymore. I often wonder if I really did live that old life or did I just dream it. I'm so different not only in my appearance , but in my beliefs and in my character . 

Every couple of years a new stage with a new path appears whether I am ready for it or not. It's grand entrance is rarely  elegant by calmly and gently entering and blending beautifully into my life. Normally it's quite the opposite with more of a thrust and stumble effect  and knocking down other things in the process. 

That is simply life.

A new season lays unopened in front of me. I sense it , I anticipate  it and I'm ready to live it. 

I stare at the woman in the mirror's reflection and smile , a little nervously. I have come a long way , baby. Who ever thought I would write a blog , let alone see my name in print. I am a woman who started a Ministry of her own. 

It makes no difference how difficult this past year has been nor how hurtful the people in it. I'm still standing and I'm leading with my head held high. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me next. 

That next Season ahead of me ? I'm ready for the journey to continue , maybe a little wobbly , but I'm not finished yet.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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