The Lacking Problem

My first week back after Thanksgiving break  has been anything , but ideal . In fact , it's been quite challenging . 

I awoke Monday morning with a boil in the most uncomfortable of places . Having experienced this wonderful thing before , I groaned with disgust at what was ahead of me this week . Why couldn't this have happened on my vacation ? 

Boxes line our hallway , some filled with yarn , waiting to be put away or distributed among the ladies . Others are filled with goods ready for delivery . That blasted darn mountain of a television still waiting for someone to carry it to the trash . 

A growing list of errands : a visit to mom's , supplies to be purchased , a mammogram appointment , an oil change , the post office  . A blog that I haven't posted once this week , not even once . 

A crocheting meeting fast approaching and a literary project that I have no idea when I will finish . None of my crocheting has been coming out the way I wanted it to and I have unraveled a few things . For the rest of the month , I am filling in as backup to the Area Lead , starting even earlier than usual  . 

The nights haven't been any better , tossing , turning and frequently waking up , my leg throbbing with arthritis . My knee has swelled up and I'm anticipating a weather change , lol . Sooner or later , I will have to do something about that knee . Just the thought of adding more appointments to my routine has left me feeling overwhelmed and defeated . 

My time before work is very limited as it is , but when you add on extra duties , it becomes a huge mountain to overcome . Today , everything is bothering me . The lack of time , lack of space , lack of everything can become defeating . This is all my fault . I fill my schedule to overflowing capacity and then I am frustrated . 

Something definitely has to change. 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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