A Monday Offering

At this time of the year , many people make a Christmas offering to a favorite charity of their choice . For many years , when I was younger , I did the same never really paying attention to what types of charities they were . I quickly learned that some of them don't really stand for what I stand . Feeling disappointed in myself for not knowing better , I stopped altogether in charity giving .

Since starting my Ministry , I've always felt that this was a much better way of giving for me . I didn't have to worry that my money was spent on things that were against my faith . There are always people in    need . 

Again , this past few months I voluntarily gave to a breast cancer foundation where later I found they use less than 20% of my donation to research . The rest goes to expenses . Hearing about things like this really upset me . Again , I have been duped  into believing that my money was making a difference . 

The same goes for ALS where the CEO makes an exuberant amount per year . Here I thought they were charities to help others and it seems they are a business . 

We all work hard for our money and I am the last person to tell you how to spend yours . We all have causes that we are passionate          about   , me including . 

It has been weighing heavily upon my heart to make a donation somewhere and I've been thinking where that could be . It came suddenly that there is something I really enjoy . I do love to listen online to all evangelical teachings . All that comes through Christian public radio . 

Whatever decision you make regarding a Christmas Offering  this      year , make it to someplace that has a special meaning to or your family . Don't choose randomly , but give it a lot of thought . How do you wish to have your money spent ? 

Enough preaching . Go out and enjoy your day . Have a Blessed Monday everyone . 


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