Bring The Weapon

The morning began as planned with an early wake up call. The only thing missing was my energy for the fast paced tempo I planned for the day ahead. I just wanted to  turn over and snuggle up under the covers. 

A deep sense of responsibility waved over me  right along with that familiar guilt. So many people depended on me , it was time for me to get up and get things done.

Regardless of my resistance in the beginning , I found I rather enjoyed my day. I saved quite a lot while grocery shopping and chatted with one of my Ministry ladies while dropping off supplies. As I did my  Christmas shopping , I ran into a work associate out with her family. 

I've hummed incessantly as I searched from store to store for what I thought was baking sugar , but turned out to be vanilla sugar instead. That poor stock boy must have checked every shelf in the back room , because some crazy woman insisted she just bought it here a few days ago. Continuing my humming , I patiently waited in line at the cashiers. 

" What is that noise ? " , the cashier asked . The humming stopped almost immediately.

Stopped on my way home to pick up afghans that some high school teenagers  made for our Ministry and got stuck in traffic. Finally making it home as Emily set the table for supper. 

Get the weapon , mom . 

Grabbing her bible from the hallway , we sit down at the kitchen table and say Grace. She opens the weapon and reads a small section randomly. A small discussion follows as we dig into our baked cod , rice  and a salad. I tell her about my day and she tells me of hers. 

The weapon lies on the table between us where it belongs.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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