The Arrival Of Summer

The weather has been wonderful here and we are certainly enjoying the benefits . The  windows are opened and curtains are billowing . Both of us have re-arranged our bedrooms with the beds right by the window to enjoy both the breeze and the view .

Everyday the noises from outside our windows are deafening with the delights of children playing after school and the occasional irritable outburst from the motorists .

On weekends , the streets are filled with various activities of children playing ball or riding their bikes with their parents . Homeowners have beautified their porches and patios with potted flowers and the lawnmowers are  roaring in full force . The smell of early BBQ fills the air .

Summer is almost here .

Just as the sun shines brightly , there is a darker side as well . Shouts of anger can be heard as friends or lovers fling abusive words or fists at each other . There is a STOP sign near my bedroom window and the angry retorts and hand gestures are repeatedly heard through the open windows . One can hear the sirens in the faint distance of the ambulance or police car .

We just cannot get along .

The skies can darken with stormy clouds and downpours of a heavy rain come streaming upon us . . . . threatening and violent with an unspoken rage . What is left behind may look wild and unruly in design , yet bringing out the colors of every leaf and blade of grass . Buds appear almost out of nowhere .

New life begins .

We flock to the beaches and the parks as they  overflow with the sounds of children both laughing and crying . We absorb the rays from the sun with an obsession and thirst to enjoy every drop so we can remember on cold winter nights .

The fruits have never tasted as sweet or the ice cream as inviting . Our workday seems long as we watch the beautiful day unfold , with the promise of a cold beer waiting in the fridge for us  .

Yes , Summer .

We have waited almost impatiently for your arrival , longing for the feel of the warm sunshine upon our face . We close our eyes and savor your stay , not wanting you to ever leave us .


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