Simply A Meal Plan

So what does our meal plan for the week look like ? Well , that depends on the shopping expedition and the sale items featured . I don't go into a store with a list unless I am preparing a particular dish for an event . Otherwise , I buy what is on sale and plan my meals accordingly . 

A typical meal plan for the week looks something like this :

Butternut squash casserole 
Cucumber , tomato , onion and broccoli salad with vinaigrette .
We love using raw veggies and we make our own dressing
 using    vinegar , lemon juice   with lots of seasonings .

Yellow wax bean and tomato wrap with a dollop of sour cream and grated cheddar cheese . 
Of course , we do not use oil or butter to saute the veggies , but coconut oil . 

Fruit salad with plain yogurt and whipped cream . 
This is one of our favorites , especially in the summer with all the different fruits available . Emily makes a great homemade whipped cream and we use the juice from the orange to coat the salad . 

Pasta shells stuffed with ricotta or farmers cheese in tomato sauce . Regular green salad on the side with vinaigrette . 
Pasta is one of our favorites and honestly , it's difficult to give it up .

Boiled tropical yucca with grilled onions 
Tomato/onion salad in sour cream
I make the yucca the same way as a potato since they are similar 
in taste . Make sure you coat the salad completely in sour cream and refrigerate for a while before serving .The flavors have time to blend well .

Baked potato with dollop of sour cream
Sauteed  broccoli and green beans 
Whenever time is an issue , I make a baked potato and a side dish . Veggies only take a few minutes to saute . 

Cooked white rice 
Broccoli, tomato , zucchini salad in vinaigrette
This combination tasted really good , but that could be since we haven't had rice for a while .

Orzo with tomato , broccoli, green bean , corn  feta cheese in vinaigrette salad 
Emily made this dish and it was so delicious , one of my favorites for  . She sauteed the broccoli , corn and green beans and then diced them along with the other ingredients . A great dish to take to a potluck .

If anyone has any vegetarian or fruit dishes to share , please contact me at .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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