Don't Open That Door

Putting away the baking pans into an already jammed  cupboard , Emily remarks laughingly ,
" Don't open that door ."

Sometimes , we need to pick up all our excess baggage and store it away in a hidden cupboard so we can take a deep breath of freshness . That's our agenda this weekend .

The phones are off and comfortable clothes are worn . The sounds of the outside world can be heard in the background where they belong . Everyone residing in their favorite corner with their favorite passions . Even Diamond lays nestled in her favorite chair .

This weekend , all our worries , all our stress , all that garbage that keeps us awake at night has been sent on a mini vacay . We are resting and refreshing our souls .

Life is full of just plain stuff and we can get so muddled up in all the whys and don'ts and no's . Everyone needs that break to sink oneself into the beauty of God's creation . . . . this world .

Whatever your passions are and wherever they may take you depends on how much time you give yourself to enjoy and explore them . Don't get mixed up by the garbage of your life . Leave it at the curbside and just breathe in the freshness of relaxation .

So if you don't us or hear from us this weekend , don 't worry , we will emerge come Monday all smiles . For now , don't open that door !

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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