I Remember . . .

It's funny how certain things come to mind at certain times . Today is the perfect example of that . I fell in love with poetry in High School and today  I  thought of this poem by Thomas Hood . 

 I remember
the house where I was born
the little window where the sun
came peeping in atmorn
he never came a wink too soon
nor brought too long a day
but now
I often wish the night
had borne my breath away
I remember
the roses
red and white
the violets and the lilycups
those flowers made of light
the lilacs where the robin built
and where my brother set
the laburnum on his birthday
the tree is living yet
I remember
where I was used to swing
and thought the air must rush as fresh
to swallows on the wing
my spirit flew in feathers then
that is so heavy now
the summer pools could hardly
cool the fever on my brow
I remember
the fir trees dark and high
I used to think their slendor tops
were close against the sky
it was a childish ignorance
but now tis little joy
to know I'm farther off from heaven
than when I was a boy

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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