A Book Shelf

One of my favorite Disney Princess has always been Bella from Beauty and The Beast . There is a scene where the Beast shows her the library and her face says it all . That's how I feel about books . 

I remember when my love of reading took root in my life . It began in high school in literature class where we had to keep a journal and read a certain amount of books each month as part of the homework .

  The first book I read was Sherlock Holmes and I feel that's where my love of mysteries began . From that moment on , I read everything  from Harlequin romances , to poetry , to thrillers . 

Since then , some of those tastes have remained and others have been replaced by more intellectual documentaries  , spiritual warfare and self-help editions . My love of books has never strayed and every time I see an IPAD I cringe . I want to feel the book in my hands as I turn the 
pages . 

When we moved into this apartment , many of our books had to be given away for lack of room . I still regret that and wish we could have kept   them . It has always been my dream to have a library like Bella's .

It makes no difference where I'm living , I love my home . I love being surrounded by the things that represent who we are . My home may not be equal in luxuries to others , but it's comfy and perfect for me . 

Right now , we have one book shelf crammed with books , but I know when we move to our dream place , I'll have more . -For now , I'm happy to dream of a wall lined with book shelves .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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