( Cease to be alive . Cease to exist or function . Fade away .)
    What a funny definition of death . We stop existing , functioning and we fade away . Poof ! Like we never been here . It makes it sound like we disappear and all our existence is erased .
    As you can see , I have been thinking alot about death . Not in a morbid sort of way .I've been thinking of the different aspects of death . We use that word to mean so many different things. We are dying for a piece of chocolate . Our relationship is dying . My body is dying . I'm dying spiritually inside .
   There are so many ways to die. We can die quickly , painfully , long suffering illnesses  and self -induced ways . We all hope of dying in our sleep . We're cowards like that . I've always been in awe of people who take their own life . I'm too scared of God and His wrath to do that . But honestly , I'm also scared of messing it up and then I might end up in a wheelchair or brain dead . I'll be worse off than before .
   We plan our own funerals . We want to be dressed in certain clothes . Our hair done a certain way . My mom wants her hairdresser to do her hair not the mortician . I would have loved to seen her face when she told her that . We want certain type of songs played . Some of us even want a certain type of reaction from our loved ones . There better be plenty of crying ! We also should have a certain expression that conveys suffering . Let's not forget the black clothes . Anyone not adhering to any of these rituals and traditions is just plain not sorry that the person is gone .
  What to do with all personal items of the deceased ?  Some of us spend our whole life collecting possessions  and they mean so much to us . Upon our death ,  our relatives either throw them away  or spend years in court fighting over . Wouldn't it be better to give it away ahead of time ?
  Some of us have special requests that we make of our loved ones upon our death . We give them suggestions on how they should dispense  our money . They may not know how to spend it . We're just trying to help . How many times they should come and visit our grave . Make sure there are pretty flowers and the candle is lit . I might get lost when I'm wandering about .
  There's so much to think about when it comes to dying.....what do I want ? Well , that's another blog .


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