Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is almost as famous as Hump Day ! For a long time now , I have wanted to go back to the beginning of my blogs and sort of do an update on where I am now . Something that would  be featured every Thursday from now on . 

Since I have erased , by mistake , the very first blog , we will have to start with number two " Hello Linda " posted Friday October 14 , 2011 .

Hello Linda

    We all experience a moment where we have to do an unpleasant task.It could be unpleasant for many reasons.I have an unpleasant task set before me today.Can't put it off any longer.
     I have to tell my friend Linda that my cancer is back.Its particularly difficult because Linda is also fighting cancer at this time.What is even more ironic is the fact that we fought cancer the first time together also.I have been keeping this a SECRET  from her since I found out 6 weeks ago.
    Linda's cancer came back a few months ago and she took comfort in knowing I was okay.This will be a huge shock for her.You see,Linda loves me with all of her heart.I know this.I see this.I feel this.We all have a friend like we know loves us no matter what.Whether we deserve it or not .
   When I found out about her cancer..I burst out sobbing...not even crying but sobbing.I honestly don't know if I cried for Linda or for myself.But I was scared for myself.I know this now.Its a shameful thing to admit about oneself.But I was scared that I would be next.
   Even now when I think about this very fact ...I'm ashamed.I never considered myself to be self-centered but I behaved in that manner even if it was for a moment.Just when we think we are so good........Jesus pops something out of us to  remind US to  look in the mirror once in awhile and really see ourselves.
  Well,time to make that phone call,"Hello Linda"?


The first thing that pops out at me are all the grammar mistakes . Somehow , I feel I have grown as a writer . 

Linda still continues to have treatment for her cancer and has not been in remission since the above time . Her cancer spreads to various parts of her body , attacking one area after another . 

It has been a struggle for her , especially mentally , as she has not come to terms with her illness .  She wants to be rid of this cancer and healed completely . As  chronic illness patients , we need to face and accept our disabilities as well as abilities or we will become melancholy in our view . 

Please continue to pray for Linda and her family .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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