Walking into the Auto Repair Shop , I was faced with a very familiar 
scene . Looking around the waiting room , all the men sat there wearing the traditional gray and navy colors they are known for . Men , very rarely , wear color . 

Another observation : Men are extremely impatient . They kept fidgeting , shifting positions and glancing at their watches . Some even kept badgering the poor woman , frequently asking , " how much longer " . None of them brought anything with them to occupy their time . 

I dislike taking my car in for any type of work . This is where I wish I was married . This would be his job . That's what I need a husband for take the car in . I will drive the vehicle and he can take care of it . I think this  is fair . 

Cars have been an enigma all of my driving life . I have no idea what makes them tick , I just want to drive them . 

Last summer I had my accident , which produced a tiny broken speck on my windshield . Nothing to worry about  until now . The extreme weather cracked that windshield right across the entire width in a matter of a few days . 

I stared at this thing , wondering what am I to do now ? Who am I to call ? Where do I go ? Feeling totally helpless , images of driving and the windshield shattering when I hit a pothole overwhelmed me completely . Feeling anxious , I sent out e-mails to all my male relatives , hoping one of them will answer . 

How can I , an intelligent woman , execute the schedule and run a packaging floor of over 30 plus people , but dissolve in a pool of helplessness over a mere vehicle  ? !

Of course , one of my favorite nephews answered and there I was  in a waiting room with all these impatient  men . I walked in , sat down  and pulled out my crocheting loom . All eyes immediately turned my way and like a duck out of water , I kept on crocheting .

Have a Blessed day everyone .  


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