The Story Of My Life Pt.3

High school brought on many changes in my life . My older brother got married to an " American " and I became an Aunt to two little girls . Suddenly , we were exposed to other cultures ,  styles and foods.

Almost overnight , we became Americanized adapting easily since we desperately wanted to belong . The " greenhorns " were gone and we accepted all the changes with gusto .

The most significant change occurred from within . At the age of fourteen , I spent my summer in Poland with my maternal grandparents  on their farm , a life changing experience .

I think of that time with such love and tenderness , reconnecting not only with my grandparents , but also with nature . I stood in awe of life on the farm . 

I saw the brown eggs from the hens and tasted the warm milk straight from the cow . I learnt how butter was made and turned out in a jello mode every morning . I fed the ducks and led the cows to pasture daily . I woke up at four in the morning and went to bed at nine every day . I sipped the best homemade hot cocoa before bed I've ever tasted . 

I experienced  country life and I fell in love . Life in America meant nothing to me . Unfortunately , it all came to an end . 

I remember distinctly my last day  and how it poured from the heavens . Rain came cascading down with such a force and my grandfather said ," The Heavens are crying because you're
 leaving ." 

That was the last time I saw him alive . He died suddenly the following February .  He was the closest I ever came to having  a father figure . 

To be continued ....

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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