The Author Within

The author within me has been lurking around , searching for a way to burst forth in a book . I think we all have that childhood dream of writing a Best Seller , or becoming a model or actress , anything famous . 

How do authors begin ? Do they pop out a story suddenly out of thin air ? Or do they take years of researching , writing and editing their story line ? 

I wish I knew , because there is an author within me . I have that desire to write , for no other reason than for myself . I don't need to be famous or wealthy . I just want to be able to write one , to know that I can write one . 

There is an image I have of myself , being secluded in a secret hideaway from everyone and just writing nonstop . Who hasn't had a desire to sneak away from life and not worry about finances or work , only to live out their fantasies . 

There is another image of myself sitting in front of a computer and not being able to write anything . Imagine  finally getting to that cabin or private place and your mind is a total blank , wasting all that precious time . 

The problem is what to write about and when to actually write that story . I'm sure eventually everything will fall into place the way it should happen . The story will naturally pop out on it's own . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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