The Insane Asylum

My neighbors drive me insane ! This is the first time in two years that we have not had someone move away and I think that's the problem . Too much of each other under foot .

These same loving people that I have written about in the past have started to irk me . What is it about living under the same roof with others that can test a person's nature ? Why can't we as humans get along ? Why do the silliest things set us off in a fit of rage ?

Does it really matter if they leave their clothes in the washer/dryer all day ? Does it matter if the front door is closed shut ? Does it really matter if they double park their cars ? Does it really matter if they bang around upstairs at all hours of the night ? 

One may say , it's common courtesy and it should matter . People should keep the doors locked to ensure the safety of themselves and others  . People should think of others when it's night and try to keep the noise level down , the same goes with parking .

The fact is , that's not how people think . People only see their own needs and seek their own satisfaction . Another point , people only do what they know . 

I have noticed there is a distinct difference between people who are home owners and who only lived in an apartment . Homeowners take better care of their homes . They don't leave hallway windows opened during winter , because they don't want a huge heating bill . They value their surroundings . 

I don't mean to imply that apartment dwellers don't care about any of that . I lived over a young mother with two children who continuously picked up any piece of paper on our lawn or swept the hallway because she did care about our surroundings . 

There are days that the behavior of my neighbors drive me up the wall . How can people be so inconsiderate ! The minute the words come out of my mouth , my own behavior comes to mind . 

How many times have I laughed so hard that I could be heard in the hallways or those rowdy Crocheting meetings ? I slam doors without thinking . I come home from work in the middle of the night trampling up the stairs and then I stay up all night , floorboards squeaking . I stuff their mailboxes with brochures from my church or slide them under their doors . Let's not forget the the alarm on my car that I keep setting off and then have problems turning it off always in the middle of the night . 

Could I be the tiresome , irksome neighbor that drives them
 insane ? The one with that hyena laugh ? No , not I ! There's nothing wrong with me . It's them . Definitely them . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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