Doing The Lassie

Coming home last night from work , I was greeted at the door
 by Diamond . She never greets me , only loving her Emily . My very first thought : I caught her doing something she shouldn't be doing . 

After going about my nightly routine before bed , I settled in with a blanket I was crocheting . Behind my bedroom door commotion ensued with Diamond jumping around , meowing the entire time . What on earth is she doing ?

Suddenly , she starts scratching at my bedroom door , something she has never done and I jump up alarmed . Frantically , I open the door  and she runs off , stops to see if I'm coming , and runs off again . 

What's wrong Diamond ?

She meows again and I proceed into the living room . The room is in total disarray with the afghan  and remote thrown on the floor . Cushions and books knocked down . Emily's precious XBOX 360 all askew . Panic settles inside me and I turn to Diamond .

What's happened Diamond ? Is Emily alright ? 

She meows and wags her cat tail , trying to tell me in her own language what is going on . Totally in a panic now , I rush to Emily's room , my heart beating frantically . 

I slowly open her door , almost afraid to peek in fear of what I may see . The only light from the doorway shows a figure completely covered by a comforter , laying perfectly still . The outline of her body reminding me of a mummy . As I watch for a sign of life , her chest rises up and down . Sighing in relief I close the door . 

In the morning , I told Emily of Diamond's antics the night before . That DARN cat over-indulged in her weed ( catnip ) and went totally crazy wanting to play . Emily , after several attempts of trying to calm her down and disgusted with her behavior , went to bed covering herself from head to toe so Diamond would leave her alone . 

She wanted to play .

All this time , I am thinking that there is danger and she is trying to tell me something . I thought she was doing the Lassie and she just wants to play . Right now , she's sleeping  peacefully , in her favorite bed . She has many beds . I should go over there and . . . . . 

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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