My Life:I Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest

 Its 7am...time to get up.Bathroom break.Break out the clorox wipes.Look in mirror at red face with turkey gobbler.Pill one , pill two , pill three.Hands are numb and tingling . Head hurts and hot flashes are raging.Stomach queasy . Diahhrea in the morning and constipation in the afternoon . Drink 50 gallons of water a day. Burp.Bathroom break.More clorox wipes.
  Wipe down the apartment.Bring out more clorox wipes.Have something to eat.Clorox wipes.Say goodbye to houseplants.Niece Kathy babysit plants for 6 months.Better not kill houseplants Kathy!Bathroom break.Don't forget the wipes.
   Doctor schedules for three weeks: Genetics Doctor,Oncology Doctor,Gyno Doctor,Internist Doctor,labs , Oncology Doctor again ,Infusion. One week break.
   Mail out FMLA papers.Pick up prescriptions at Walgreens.Insurance card has expired.Worked at Avon for 16 years and insurance card never expired....until today.Take 10 minutes to cuss at all the medical forms , work forms , red tape ,Fmla papers , glitches in the system ,old address and phone number still on file  and not entered into system.Long term disability.Short term disability.FORMS.Bleep.Bleep.Bleep.
   Whew !  Take a nap .
 Check messages.... 30 ....all from mother..."Honey , did you rest today"?
  11 pm bed.More clorox wipes.12:15 am. cold sweats . 2 am bathroom break.Clorox wipes. 3:30 am cold sweats . 5am cold sweats and bathroom break . Clorox wipes. 7 am alarm rings. Bathroom.Clorox wipes.Look in mirror at red face with turkey clobber.Pill one , pill two, pill three . Darn ...out of clorox wipes.


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