I , Genetics

  We can become quite "comfortable" with our family history. I know I have. Looking back ,it almost gave me a false sense of security knowing that the women in my family live well into their nineties. My grandma is 92 yrs. old and in better health than me. Of course, I believed I was in that elite group of women.
  In 2007 , I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Thats a pretty bad cancer to have because it keeps coming back.Just keeps coming back.....like a dandelion that you pull out and it just grows back.Annoying ? You better believe it.
   When my healing began , that's when I hit the internet in search of other ovarian cancer survivors.It was so very important to  me than to find at least one woman who didn't have to keep going thru this over and over again.It was like a mission and a mission that proved almost impossible.
   I read bio after bio of women who were fighting this disease.I found one woman who has been a survivor for 12 yrs{at that time}but dealt with the cancer 4 times.It was so depressing but I could not walk away from that computer.With tears I searched site after site looking for some affirmation that I would live.I needed someone to tell me ", you will live".
  So here I am surrounded by women living to a very old age . How did I get so " lucky" and be the one in the family with this cancer? Apparently, my cancer could be genetic because of my age. At that time , I was 42 yrs.old . So who in  my family ? One little Aunt Emily {grandma's sister}that lived in France who died in her forties from a "women's cancer". Unbelievable. ........1 person..........how many generations ? Genetics , folks ,genetics.
  Will I live into my nineties? Probably not. Do I really want to live that long ? Probably not , not if this keeps coming back all the time.I do know ,  I don't want to die from cancer . I want to die in my sleep ....its less painful that way.


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