The Media Cows

"What are you giggling about in there ? " I asked Emily . 
"I'm watching The Media Cows , mom ". 

The Media Cows . They sounded like a comedy club routine type show , but of course , I was completely wrong in my assumption . The Media Cows , are a group of young men doing a walk through of a game on Youtube . The name of the game we were watching ? The Last Of Us . I fell in love with the storyline and became addicted , wanting to find out what happened next . 

What I didn't expect is to develop a fondness for the two young men that were playing the game and offering tips on how to pass each level . It seems , there are many individuals on Youtube that do this sort of thing , but these two provided a down to earth attitude that I found refreshing as they interacted together .

Now , if you have a soft heart  or are not used to being around young men , you might find them offensive . These are young men , we're speaking about , after all . They burp , pass gas and talk about gross things like who can spit farther  . Like I said , they're young .

Since then , we have watched many game walk through together , each one providing a different kind of fantasy . Isn't that what a game really is ? A fantasy ? A way to escape the troubles of the here and now . It's no different than watching  a television show or a movie . Some can even say that playing a board game is a way for escapism from reality . As well as reading a book .

As long as it's all done in moderation and we don't allow our fantasies to overtake our reality , let's indulge to release the stress of the day . In our mother's time  it was Calgon , now it's the social media who takes us away .

All of this interaction with technology has provided an opportunity for more bonding with my daughter . I believe my illness has left her thirsty for more of my companionship . Not to mention that my 11 year old grandson thinks I'm the bomb for knowing the life of a gamer . :)

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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