Merry Christmas

For as long as I can remember , Christmas Eve has always been a huge deal in our family . Not only do we get together to celebrate the Birth of Jesus , consume a variety of traditional Polish food , but we experience the long awaited and anticipated prediction of the coming year .

Yes , prediction . We have so many family traditions based on our ethnic origin . Our culture believes that how we are on  Christmas Eve , that is how our new year will be . If we woke up early , then we will be early all year . If we argue , we will have many arguments . If we spend it with many friends , we will be entertaining  and so on and so on . 

Many mornings in the past , I have seen my mom wash her face in cold water littered with coins , signifying good fortune for the rest of the new year .

As the table was set for dinner , a coin was placed under each plate so every member could experience the same wealth . 

On the dinner table lay a plate of thin wafers . Before dinner was served , each one of us took a piece of wafer and exchanged well wishes for the coming year , breaking each other's wafer in return . 

When my  son and daughter were small , I would anxiously look forward to  this day , hoping that they would get along with each other . Maybe , this Christmas Eve would be the one where the would learn to love one another ? It never happened . 

Now that I'm a Christian , Christmas has taken on  a different meaning . All these traditions have become simply silly games . Each year , all I long for  is a simple Christmas far from all that glitter and shining baubles . 

This past year hasn't been an easy one nor has it been a difficult 
one for myself or my children , but it has left me feeling humble . I know how fragile health , happiness and wealth can be . I am grateful for what I have . 

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas everyone . 


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