A Lukewarm Mentality

A person could be filled to the brim with a passion , dedicating their whole being into their cause . A cause spanning their careers , a thrill of a favorite past-time or a charitable contribution to society . Whatever that cause happens to be , it is faced with a fervor of a fast tempo  heartbeat !

In the beginning , we can devote so much of ourselves as dreams and ambitions burst forth from our loins . Passion can be powerful and rewarding . It can also become a learning experience that can benefit not only us , but those around us .

That same passion that evoked an energetic response in the beginning , can over time , release an exhausted  soul . A soul that has become overwhelmed , over burdened or burned out from the passion that started it all .

A soul can stare into the mirror and wonder at all that has happened . The kind of life this soul has lived . The mistakes that were replayed over and over  . The doors that were never opened or those that were . The successes and the failures reflecting back , a glare upon the soul's face . The fruits of labor played forward , the chain that cannot be broken .

Was I the best that I could be  ?

Has my passion waned ? Has it become lukewarm . . . . tepid . . . . . .  . . . unsavory , unable to quench the thirsty heart ? Have I become the woman at the well ? Dispensing bitterness and pain , such obvious flecks of anguish resounding all around me .

Was I the best that I could be ?


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