Drawing The Line

Sometimes I think people forget where they have come from and the roads they have traveled . When times are wonderful and lives are completely changed for the better , it's easy to forget to be thankful for it . We forget how difficult , how vulnerable and how lost we were during those dark days .

When the sun lifts the darkness , we vow to never forget those bad times and yet over time we do . We become overbearing and judgmental toward others who are experiencing hard times themselves , especially to those who are going through almost the same trials as we have .

It's much harder when it is a fellow Christian because we expect so much more from them . We expect them to be holier and instead we find they're just ordinary sinners like everyone else . Just like those heathens out there .

As a parent , our first instinct is to protect our children from the evils of the world . We want their lives to be better than  ours , without any strife or hurt . Unfortunately , we know that isn't possible . They need to go out there and experience the ups and downs of life .

When my daughter was born , I looked down at her nestled in my arms in disbelief . Having three sons , a girl wasn't something I was expecting . You see , I know how hard it is to be a woman and I knew what she would experience in life as she grew older . It's hard being a woman .

This past year ,  has been a very bittersweet time for us both . As I try to instill some wisdom of my own trials onto hers , I find that the people I'm trying to use as role models for her are failing both of us . Failing because I also have placed them on a pedestal so high they simply can't keep their balance .

People fall down and pray for help . They get back up and instead of extending a hand to help the ones who haven't been as lucky . . . .  . . we judge them . We forget what it was like to be in those shoes . We forget  not because we don't care  , but because when we look at them , we see our " old " selves . It's hard to look in the mirror and see the reflection .

Being a mother with adult children is so difficult , because I can't shield them from any of this . I can only hold their hand , make some tea  and just listen . Of all the stages of motherhood , this is the hardest .

People will hurt other people . There will be lies , cheating and everything else . Human nature has been the same since Adam and Eve . My expectations have always been high , full of hope for mankind and one day it will be the Garden of Eden again .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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