Day Three

Day Three :

Day Three started out great as I headed out the door with the list in hand and with an energy level of an athlete . I convinced myself that today would be a day of accomplishment , feeling it down to my bones . Music blared inside my Durango as I weaved in and out of traffic , singing out loud my own version of the lyrics and mostly off key . It didn't matter , not only was I happy , but I looked happy .  

Checking off one by one on that infamous list proved not to go as quickly as I had hoped .  For the most part , I seemed to have over-scheduled  my errands as if I was Superwoman . I do have a problem with overdoing things . My eyes are always bigger than my stomach as I overfill my plate . I schedule plans to the max on any given day  with activities . I try to do the possible with the impossible . 

By the time the afternoon came and went , fatigue slowly spread from the tips of my toes to the top of my head . Finally sitting down  in front of my computer , with my coffee and a glass of red wine off to the side , I settled in for some blogging . Signed into my account and POOF ! nothing but ads  , pop-ups and errors on my PC appear . Try as I may , they won't go away . So much for getting ahead on my blogs . 

Frustration settled  in as I gave up and went to bed . Last thought in my head  before lights out ? Tackling that computer in the morning . AND that was Day Three . 

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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