The Best Of Six

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                           everyday is a journey.

The tissue of the life to be,
We weave with colors all our own
And in the field of Destiny
We reap as we have sown.

So we have been living here in our new apartment now for almost five months. In that time, we have had many good times and also some let downs. Here is our list of the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Top Six Best
1. I love coming home from work within ten minutes. You can't beat that, especially on those hard nights where your feet ache and you can't wait to get home. 

2. I love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. Every ten buildings or so have their own courtyard with benches, an area to barbecue and a small path usually used by dog walkers. I make it sound like a huge place, but on the contrary, it's small and secluded. On the weekends, children fill the courtyard with their laughter. 

3. The Flow
Yes, the flow. There is a flow to the apartment that is so peaceful. It is a different layout which allows us to have some sort of privacy from one another when needed. We don't have have to use the air conditioner as much since there is an air flow from the open window in the living room all the way up to the kitchen's open window. It just flows from one end to the other in a beautiful breeze. Quiet and peaceful. Love it

4. Mom is living a few minutes from us. You have no idea the blessing in that. We have lived over 30 minutes away on a good day with no traffic. If we needed to make a visit for any reason, we would have to spend the entire morning and then head out to work right after. Now, if she needs a drive to Walgreens or to Church, it only takes a few minutes.

5. Emily and I work right across from each other. In fact, only  the crossing of the street separates us. We even have the same work schedule majority of the time where we drive together to and fro from work. Only God would place us so perfectly, only God. 

6. New friendships. Every time we move, we begin a new job or Church or just about anything. . . . new friendships form. Unfortunately, that also means that we lose some old ones in the process. 

I am sure that there are plenty more good reasons as well as some bad, but we can't list everything, can we? There is one more wonderful reason. Emily and I were just talking about it the other day. We feel as if this was our little private sanctuary away from everyone. It may not be "all that", but it sure is quiet around here, especially when we need it the most. We all have those days when we need to unwind from life itself. I hope you have that sanctuary in your life. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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