Simply Food

Ever since I was a little girl , food played a huge role in my life . I was not a skinny child nor was I overweight , but somewhere in the middle . Coming from the old country into the U.S. , meant my mom made  homemade cheese , 

pasta , jam and bread on a daily basis  .  We ate well , but I never appreciated it . All I wanted was pizza , canned spaghetti and  a peanut butter sandwich with a twinkie for dessert . I wanted to eat like an American . 

When I had my children and became a housewife  , I was introduced to a variety of foods from all walks of life . Our house was the center of familial dinners for holidays and birthdays  . During those years , I learned how to garden , cook and can goods  . 

Next came being a single parent and that changed everything in my life . Dinners weren't as elaborate , but they were a lot more fun with picnics on the living room floor and breakfast pancakes for dinner . Money was scarce as well as time . . . . mom had to work . To compensate for the lack of things  and for  a lack of a family unit , Friday night pizza became the norm . 

Food took  a drastic turn when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in my early forties . No matter what I ate , chemotherapy  produced a metallic aftertaste  . As I battled nausea , saltine crackers became the best thing I ever ate , and  once again , food changed everything . 

Nowadays , my life involves eating healthy with a lot more fruits and veggies . Food has done a complete 360 degrees since I came to this country at the age of seven . I can feel the difference health-wise  whenever I fall off the wagon and binge . 

Food plays such a significance role in our life . Not only does it supplement a need for nourishment for our bodies , but it offers comfort and it becomes a social link to forming relationships . 

What we eat doesn't matter , since we can go from delicacy to necessity and still have a sense of togetherness with our loved ones . So let's break bread together .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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