Life's Changes

I've been feeling tired lately , none of it making much sense since I'm taking a sabbatical from my chemo treatment . Shouldn't I be feeling the opposite ? Everyone's first instincts would be that I need more rest and I probably do , but I believe it's my schedule .

I think that as we experience different stages in our life , we create a schedule that best accommodates our lifestyle . That schedule may work for us for a few months or even years . For me , the schedule I have been living for the past six years is not working any longer . 

I have been working second and third shift for 18 years now and it has been a perfect setting for any  personal activities that I've been involved in during that time . Now I find myself scrambling from one activity to the next , barely finding the time to do it all . Time is very precious to me and I just don't have enough of it . 

 An opportunity has risen for me to go to first shift and I cannot wait for this change to happen . I may be losing the 10 % differential , but I will be gaining so much more in precious time and in precious sleep . 

Over the last couple of years , I have made many schedules and wrote about them here on this blog . They may have worked like a charm in the beginning , but as time went on , they were difficult to maintain . The results usually showed days of missing blogs , a messy apartment , missing appointments and playing catch up . 

Sometimes , we need to make necessary life changes so we can serve the people in our life better . I am no good to anyone if I'm too tired to be the best I can be and that means I may have to say no at times . 

The problem here may be in the form of having to wait for these changes to be implemented . Since I am the Area Lead at work , I may be the last person to actually go to my appointed shift . That would mean waiting until next May and that would not be cool at all . 

Until then  my friends , I am tired and it's beginning to show . Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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