Messes Of The Past

You want to know what she will look like older , look at her 
mother .
You want to see what she is like , look at her mother . 

We end up being just like our mom , whether we like it or not . As young women , we set out into the world full of high hopes and dreams , vowing not to end up like our moms . We love our moms , but we will not be doormats for others to trod upon . We will be different . Our moms are too nice and forgiving and they will not stand up for themselves . Well , we will not be anything like them . 

Sounds familiar ? The fact  is , we become them because our moms feel and love  us . They are not doormats , but they would do anything for us . It's only natural for us to end up like our moms since they are our first introduction into the world and into how things are done . 

Our childhoods shape how we interact with others , the relationships we will have , how we deal with our emotions and how we keep our home . 

If it's a childhood with pleasant memories or not , we go in two directions . Either we become exactly like our moms or directly the opposite . 

Many times I've visited the home of a friend's parent and  although , the style and decor may not always be similar , the housekeeping usually is the same . We learn how to cook and keep our home in order from our mom . 

There are three of us , my two brothers and I , each of us with a different approach to cleaning . My older brother is a spotless person with not a speck of dirt anywhere to be found , even though he would disagree with you regarding that fact . The rest of us are just like our mom , casual housekeepers who do the usual round of chores , but you will find dishes in the sink or a load of laundry . 

Now that my mom is living alone , her apartment is spotless , nothing out of place . That's because she is only one person and she spends one day a week making sure it stays clean . 

I often wonder , if that will happen for me . The older I become , the more I do the things that make me happy . You could say , I'm living out my dreams . The last thing I want to do is housework . Will I ever be free of the chains of housework ? 

If we become our mothers , then all I have to do is look to her for that answer .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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