An Invite

                                                                           Everyday is a brand new day, 
                                                                            everyday is a journey.

Gather a shell from the strown beach
And listen at its lips; they sigh
The same desire and mystery,
The echo of the whole sea's speech.
And all mankind is this at heart--
Not anything but what thou art:
And Earth, Sea, Man are all in each.
--Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

I look at my children sometimes and am just amazed at their  boldness! Boldness I never had and wished I did. Take Emily, for instance. She takes the bull by the horns and invites someone from work to Church. 

I don't think I've ever invited anyone from anywhere to join me in Church. Isn't that a shame? Here I am professing to be this Godly woman and yet, I haven't invited a soul to partake in this life changing moment of their lives.

To say I was excited would be an understatement. I had secret visions of an immediate conversion. This person would be overcome by the Holy Spirit and beg us to bring them with us every Sunday. 

Of course, none of that happened. If there was any transformation that took place, it wasn't evident to us. We went for breakfast afterwards and it seemed as if they had a good time. The individual hasn't wanted to go back since then. A little disappointing for me. 

I discovered something about myself during this experience. I wanted so badly to impress. I would be critical of every little thing. What type of sermon would it be? Were the worship songs appealing to their tastes? I secretly would send sidelong glances at our guest to see if I could decipher the expressions. Maybe, just maybe, I would witness a serene look pass over their face.

Silly. All silly. I should know better. I have heard of many testimonies and it isn't something that happens overnight. A seed has been planted. Let's see what comes to fruition from it. 

Have a blessed day everyone.


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