On The Road Again

                                                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Sun of my soul, 
thou Saviour dear,
It is not night if thou be near;
O may no earthborn cloud arise
To hide thee from thy servants' eyes.

I love being on the road, travelling from state to state. Anytime, there is a road trip, I'm right on it. I can't help it, because it calls out my name ever so softly.

Our four day 4th of July weekend didn't quite start out smoothly by any means. My GPS gave out and I had to make an emergency pit stop for a new one. Then I realized I needed an USB car drive and headed back to the store. Had I been calmer, I'd realized there was one already provided in the GPS package to begin with. It wasn't until we got back home at the end of our trip before I found it in the box. Lovely.

The drive to Springfield itself couldn't have been better. The skies were blue and clear. We began early enough where there was absolutely no traffic. Then I've realized that the speed limit changed to 70, which meant we were doing over eighty. Not one State Trooper was out there. At least, not by me. This Sunday School driver that everyone made fun of arrived before everyone else. Hello!

It was perfect! The entire time out there was just perfect. The food, the fire works, the weather, everything! My favorite part was watching the children run around the yard, dirty, sweaty faces and barefooted, having the time of their life. I have no idea how many s'mores they consumed, but they were happy. Which made me extremely happy. 

The drive back was good, except the fact that my legs were aching. We had to stop a few times so I could stretch my legs for a bit. This has not been a good Summer for my legs (another story), but I was so relieved to be back home. I dropped off to sleep as soon as we arrived home, not waking until the next morning. Vacationing is great, but exhausting. 

I have to comment that my mom was already planning the next road trip way before we ever made it home from the current one. No need to recover on her end, lol. 

Have a blessed day everyone.


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