Whatcha Reading?

                                                 Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey

Preserve me from my calling's snare,
And hide my simple heart above,
Above the thorns of choking care,
The gilded baits of worldly love.

I've been trying to find more time for reading. In my world, everything involves multitasking. It seems I have forgotten how to just sit quietly with a book in my hands. Life seems to be a constant go, go, go. Find a seat, grab a cuppa and unwind with a good book. I dare you. 

1. The Bible Promise Book
By: New Life Version
This is a very handy small book of various verses from the Bible of God's promises to us. It has a table of contents listing everything one could possibly imagine from Anger to Worship. It claims to contain 1000 promises in total. It's very easy to use when one needs verses quickly. I love this book and find it an absolute necessity in my study of the Word. 

2. Temptation
By: Sherryl Woods
This is a fictional story about a small hometown girl who leaves for the big city to fulfill her big dreams. In a way, we have seen this type of story and movie several times over. We usually run away from our roots and then we realize when life becomes too hard, just how much we actually gave up. It's a great story of a mom and daughter who learn to appreciate each other by learning from each other. 

3. Chasing The Night
By: Iris Johansen
This book is also a fictional story of two women. One is a mother who's child was stolen in the night and the other is the forensic sculptor who has to make an age progression years later after the crime. Each woman suffered the loss of her child and that's what unites them as they face their struggle within. A heart wrenching story so bring out the tissues. 

4. God's Wisdom For Mothers
By: Jack Countryman
This little pocket sized book holds many Bible verses for us mothers who may need encouragement from time to time. The table of contents is not alphabetized in the usual manner, so it may be a bit to get used to. I suggest you take a moment upon purchasing the book to look through the contents and familiarize yourself with it's way.

I definitely hope you will give one of these books a try. Sometimes, we are surprised to find ourselves enjoying something new and totally different. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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