Saturday, February 23, 2019

Gone Awry

                                                              Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                              everyday is a journey.

Workman of God! oh, lose not heart,
    But learn what God is like;
And in the darkest battle-field
    Thou shall know where to strike.

Scenes like the one above are almost gone for the Season. If it snows nowadays, it is more in sleet form than actual piles of snow. It's been a long and hard Winter for sure. I'm not sorry for it, because I like things to be as they should. Winter should be Winter and so forth. 

I had plans for today. Plans that went awry, but that also happens to be life. We both have been working long and hard, keeping overtime hours. We have a goal for the year and we truly have begun aggressively to attack it. This week especially has been hard on me with at least four of the days filled with early appointments. Early appointments mean lack of sleep for me. 

Today, I was supposed to be at a Women's Retreat at our Church. Another early day which meant lack of sleep again. Somehow, when the alarm went off, my body's signals went off as well. Neuropathy alive and strong in my left hand has been bothering me for weeks now. My right arm has tennis elbow. From my hips to my toes every bone was screaming for justice. Knees and ankles swollen, predicting the rain that was to come in the morning. Folks, I felt as if a semi has hit me head on. Let's not forget to mention the red eyes from all the lack of sleep. 

I was tired, bloody tired. I turned off the alarm and made a decision right there not to go, but get some rest instead. I have learned a long time ago the importance of sleep. I have been in remission for almost two and a half years, let's go for even more. Sleep it was and I did so until the afternoon. Emily made me breakfast and a cup of coffee. I ate well, drank well and fell asleep some more. 

Sometimes, our plans have to go awry for a good reason. Sometimes, we have to make a decision that is the best decision at that moment for us. Hope all of you have a very restful day. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 

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