The Conversation

                                                            Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                             everyday is a journey.       

A human heart knows aught of littleness,
Suspects no man, compares with no one's ways,
Hath in one hour most glorious length of days,
A recompense, a joy, a loveliness;
--William Ellery Channing.

This year seems to be a year for completion, purging of unwanted things and preparation for the future. Quite a large undertaking or at least it is for me. I feel overwhelmed and worry sets in whenever I am forced with things I don't have much knowledge in. Here are some things I hope to accomplish this year.

1. Move my pension into a profitable IRA that can work for me.
2. Rollover my 401k from my previous employer into the new Company.
3. Make a Will, a Power of Attorney and a DNR.
4. Purge the apartment by simplifying our material items.
5. Pay off whatever debt we may have and to start saving for the future. 

Quite a tall order for someone who hates talking on the phone with customer service. I am happy to report that a conversation has happened to begin the process. Joey and I have met with a financial advisor, something that has always scared me in the past. Hence, that was one reason Joey was there with me. He's the knowledgeable one in that department. The advisors speak in a tongue I am not schooled in, but I am slowly beginning to teach myself the basics. It's just way too important not to.

I know it seems I haven't been around posting any blogs recently. My blogs have been few and far between. I have gone AWOL. Well, not to fear. I have been working hard to accomplish the above. Things like this take some time. They begin with a conversation and that one leads to another conversation. And so on and so forth. Hopefully, we all come out a bit wiser.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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